Why Does a Black Hole Form?

Black holes are extremely fascinating objects in the universe that leave so much to explore and so many questions to uncover — from why a black hole forms to how they came to be.

As one of the most extreme forms of matter and energy, black holes offer powerful insights into some of the most important questions about the universe.

Why Do Black Holes Form in Space? 

Black holes are known as “eaters” in space. Being extremely dense and having an immensely strong gravitational pull, they can suck in anything that comes close to them — even light — to a point of no return also known as the event horizon.

Black holes are one of the most fascinating and terrifying phenomena in the cosmos, but their existence has brought a significant impact on our current discoveries and understanding of the universe and the objects in it.

Black holes play an important role in life in space

When a massive star explodes, it leaves behind stellar-mass black holes. These explosions disperse elements crucial for life in space such as carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen.

Additionally, events of mergers between two black holes, two neutron stars, or a black hole and a neutron star, distribute heavy elements to their surroundings that someday may be essential for new planets.

Black holes also help regulate the formation of stars in galaxies. Supermassive black holes are found at the center of galaxies and their extremely strong gravity can generate powerful outflows of material that are jetted away into the galaxy. These outflows are mostly consisted of gas and dust that can trigger the birth of large, bright stars in space.

How Do Black Holes Form

Black holes are believed to have existed as early as when the universe began. Some astronomers also suggest that black holes started out as their own entities in the aftermath of the big bang, while some suggest they may have formed in several other ways.

The most common and known way of the formation of a black hole is through the death of a star. This happens when extremely massive stars exhaust their nuclear fuel and begin to cool and contract.

As the star implodes, it collapses in on itself and creates a gravitational field so strong and powerful that nothing, not even light, can escape it.

Stellar black holes, the smallest type of black holes, can form in as fast as seconds after the collapse of a star and have masses tens of times the mass of the sun.

Intermediate black holes, on the other hand, are believed to have formed from the merging of multiple stellar-mass black holes that often happen in crowded areas of galaxies, but did not have enough mass to collapse into a supermassive black hole.

It is also suggested that they may have originated at the core of very low-mass dwarf galaxies that have been swallowed by bigger, more massive galaxies. Intermediate-mass black holes are the rarest types of black holes with about hundreds to hundreds of thousands of solar masses, and definitive proof of their existence and formation remain elusive to astronomers to this day.


Black holes, to this day, remain one of the biggest mysteries to live in the universe. Their existence has led us to many significant discoveries but also continues to bring in questions that are yet to be answered. Why do black holes form? How did they come to be? How do they affect us and their surroundings?

While we may already have answers to some of these mysteries, astronomers continue to study to uncover the secrets of black holes and hope to someday fully understand the wonders behind them.

Andy Morgan
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