Sky-Watcher Collapsible 8″ Dobsonian Telescope Review

The Sky-Watcher Collapsible 8” Dobsonian Telescope is a telescope that is perfect for the more experienced astronomer.

Boasting an array of advanced features from its initial design to the magnification, this is a telescope that is made to become your primary telescope whatever the occasion. 

If you feel that you are ready to upgrade that beginner telescope you have then this is definitely the one you need to invest in.

With the avid astronomy enthusiast in mind, the Sky-Watcher Collapsible 8” Dobsonian Telescope has an elegant design and incredible magnification, ensuring that you will have years of incredible use from this telescope.

The 8 inch aperture is fantastic and incredibly sturdy as well as the solid rocker mount and equatorial disc stand meaning that this is a hugely durable telescope. 

In this review, we’ll be discussing the Sky-Watcher Collapsible 8” Dobsonian Telescope and its many features so by the end of this article, you’ll have an idea of whether it is the right telescope for you to invest in.

From the Sky-Watcher brand to the specific technology used in the 8” Dobsonian Telescope, we’ve gathered all of the research so you don’t have to. 

Why Sky-Watcher?

Sky-Watcher is a brand that specializes in developing telescopes and other astronomical equipment for amateur astronomers who want to invest in their hobby.

Established in 1999, Sky-Watcher uses the most advanced technology available on the market and incorporates it into their products to ensure that you are getting the best quality images that are full of clarity and detail.

Sky-Watcher is a hugely popular brand because of the quality of their products among enthusiasts and the ease that their products are to use.

The convenience of being able to travel with the telescopes is important to Sky-Watcher as they want their users to get the most out of their stargazing.

Sky-Watcher Collapsible 8” Dobsonian Telescope

So what does the Sky-Watcher Collapsible 8” Dobsonian Telescope have that a beginner telescope doesn’t?

From its smaller details such as the dual eyepieces, high focal ratio, this is an ideal telescope to purchase if you are looking for a product that will collect a lot of light and give more detailed images whether they are near or far away.

With a magnification maximum of 406X, you can delve into deeper space and nebulae and explore new territories that beginner telescopes don’t allow. 

We’ll go into detail on how the aperture assists in collecting light and creating those detailed images later in the article, but where this telescope differs from beginner telescopes is the ability to delve into deep space and see those faint and distant objects in more detail that you didn’t have access to beforehand.

So whether you’re wanting to see the moon in immense detail or if you’re hoping for a glance as Saturn’s rings, the Sky-Watcher Collapsible 8” Dobsonian Telescope is the perfect step up to open the doors to new exploration and enhance your astronomy skills in the process.


The most noticeable feature of the Sky-Watcher Dobsonian is the collapsible element that it boasts. More experienced astronomers tend to go stargazing outside the comfort of their own home.

Once collapsed, it is easily portable meaning you can travel anywhere and not worry about any damage thanks to its protective structure when collapsed.

The way it collapses naturally makes it a lot smaller as well and easy to handle and carry around. Sky-Watcher have done this with all users in mind as it doesn’t take up much storage space meaning you can take it on both large and smaller trips no matter whether it is a solo camping trip in a tent or a bigger holiday where you have to pack more. 


Aside from the collapsible element, the most important aspect of any telescope is of course how magnified the lens can be and how far you can view.

Sky-Watcher’s Dobsonian Telescope has a 1200mm focal length with 203mm aperture meaning that you can view long and short distances with ease.

Available for all sorts of activities whether it is daytime bird watching or night time stargazing, the options are endless when it comes to this model.

With capabilities allowing you to look into deep space, you can view nebulae and star clusters with high clarity and detail whilst also ensuring the safety of your eyes, meaning you can view for long periods of time. 


The Sky-Watcher’s Dobsonian’s other leading feature is definitely its aperture.

As mentioned before, the 8 inch aperture means that a lot of light will be collected when using the telescope meaning that the images will have more clarity and detail than those with a lower aperture.

Beginner telescopes tend to have lower apertures as they don’t gather as much light and therefore they can’t produce images that are as high quality because they aren’t able to give that clarity.

The Dobsonian is one of the few telescopes on the market that has such an impressive aperture for the price. Usually, telescopes with high aperture go well into four figures so this is a rarity in itself.

With such a brilliant aperture, you are able to see specific details on the surface of the moon and other close and bright planets.

It also allows for the exploration of deep space as discussed above with clarity and quality images and makes for a great telescope if it is your first foray into other galaxies. 

Ease of Use

Bear in mind that this is not a telescope for beginners with one of the reasons being that it does take a bit of getting used to.

If you are already familiar with telescopic usage then it shouldn’t take you as long or be difficult to get to grips with the features. The structure may seem intimidating but this is a typical structure in scopes. 

The “light bucket” design means that it will collect lots of light as previously mentioned so you are able to see close stars and plants in detail and further away objects with ease. 

With ease of practical use, there is also the ease of portability that we have also touched upon. The light bucket design allows the telescope to lower itself into a more compact shape.

Although this doesn’t take up much space physically, it can be a little heavy due to the amount of technology that lies within its structure. However, it is easy to get used to and if you are going on camping trips solely to stargaze then it won’t be too much of a hassle to carry around.

Price Point

Sold at a price point of under $1000, this model is a fantastic investment that is worth every penny.

With a lot of competing telescopes selling for much higher prices with either the same standard or even less quality images, the Sky-Watcher Dobsonian Telescope boasts high quality use and images and is designed to last you many years of usage without any damage or difficulty.

Sky-Watcher always ensures that you are getting the best of the money you spend and this telescope is the perfect upgrade for those passing that beginner level and wanting to take astronomy much more seriously. 

Beginner telescopes can have lots of helpful features that allow you to see into deep space but the images will not be as clear and concise as the ones provided by the Sky-Watcher Dobsonian because of the amount of light that the latter gathers and is able to process when you look through the lens.

When you think of the financial advantages of investing in this telescope, consider the huge amount of additional features that you get with this telescope compared with a beginner telescope that will not give you the clarity and magnification needed to see further away.


What makes the Sky-Watch Collapsible 8” Dobsonian Telescope the natural next step is that it boasts qualities that telescopes at a similar price range simply do not have.

Other telescopes that collect the amount of light the aperture on this model takes sell for a much higher price meaning that you will not find a telescope at the same standard in the same price range anywhere.

The design is simple and sleek, making it convenient for travelling and portable use as well as being easy to store and carry around.

Its intense magnification allows you to view closer objects in more detail such as the moon as you can clearly see its surface or even venture further and have a look at far away planets in the distance for the first time. This telescope opens the doors to many opportunities and much exploring that will give you years and years of enjoyment.

Equipped with two eyepieces, you can immediately make the most of your new telescope on arrival and begin to explore the deep depths of space and have fun adjusting the lens to see what your preference is without compromising your safety or the safety of the product.

There is no doubt that if you want to delve into your astronomy hobby more then this is a great financial and quality investment that is seldom seen for the price point. 

Andy Morgan