About Us

“Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.” - Plato


Radio Astronomy

Since we crawled out of the primordial swamps, we have looked to the skies for guidance and direction. As humanity grew, so too did our passion for understanding the sky and stars.

Ancient astronomers discovered and devised the workings of the galaxy. Renaissance astronomers tracked the movements of the planets through the sky. 20th-century astrophysicists sent humans into space. And today?

Well, today we have Radio Astronomy.

This website has been my passion project for some years. The idea was to bring together people who have looked to the sky and wondered.

This space is a place where we can learn together and share knowledge. The hope is that it will inspire and guide others on their journey through the galaxy. The same way my dad inspired and guided me on the evenings we spent huddled around a telescope together.

Andy Morgan - Radio Astronomy

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